Bryan Deister


Getting Out

by Deister / Marxer

Released 2018
Released 2018
Debut jazz piano (Deister) and drum (Marxer) duo album with various styles and rhythms and swag vibes my dude. Chill out and then shill out green bean,
We recorded this album in a three weeks, it's a culmination of four years playing music together. Hopefully theres enough variety on the record for you, hopefully there's enough rhythm. That's what this record is though rhythm. Everything else is only valuable because of the time it is in. Theres some 7/5 and some #15, but it's effect is only felt cause of the timing. Also by "we recorded this album" we mean "us." Got in the …
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Spines of the Heart

by Bryan Deister

Released 2015
Released 2015
Spines of the Heart is double album brooding reflection composed after 2 years at Berklee School of Music. Bernie Grundman mastered this album bringing it the professional flare. These 90 minutes will not disappoint but surprise.
Music & Lyrics by Bryan Deister
Instrumentation by Bryan Deister
Vocals by Bryan Deister
Recorded and Mixed by Bryan Deister
Cover by Bryan Deister
Mastering by Bernie Grundman